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seit 1966 - QUALITÄT + SICHERHEIT vom Contactlinsen-Profi - Ihr Spezialist für Night + Day Contactlinsen

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As a contact lens replacement center, we can only sell you contact lenses that you are wearing successfully. By continuing with your order you confirm that you are wearing contact lenses successfully and the last checkup was max. 6 months ago.

The following terms are printed on your box:
BC = Base Curve
PWR = Sphere
Dia = Diameter

Cyl = Cylinder
Ax = Axis

If your prescription indicates that you have an astigmatism (i.e. you need toric contact lenses), sometimes the cyl and axis are written this way: 8.7/14.0 -2.50 -1.00x70
In this case, the cyl would be -1.00 and the axis would be 70